Enameled Wine Charms

The perfect gift for the wine lover in your life, I will custom make these wine glass charms to your specifications. They are ideal for any type of stemware including wine glasses, martini glasses, margarita glasses or champagne flutes. Pair them with a bottle of wine or stemware for the perfect gift for any occasion.

Listing is for a set of 6 charms. I punch the 3/4 inch discs out of 22 gauge copper sheet, then torch fire each disc with several layers of glass enamel before inlaying the copper decoration - also hand punched - into the top layer of enamel on the front side. I counter-enamel the back of each charm for durability. Current wine charm patterns can be seen in the third picture: wine glass, crane, paw print, sakura, heart, bird and butterfly. You can either order a set of all one pattern, or a set where each charm will be a different pattern and color.

Each disc is then attached to a flat memory wire ring and I hand wrap loops into the ends of the ring so that the charm can not fall off. The memory wire insures the ring will never lose its shape. Wire rings are available in either tarnish resistant silver or gold.

Gift box is included. This listing is for 1 set of 6 wine glass charms..


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