Arhyonel Beadwork & Antiques  Please check out my other site dedicated to making, restoring, preserving and collecting antique (and future antique!) beaded evening bags. I offer a selection of vintage beaded and mesh purses, antique purse frames, and original and reproduction purse patterns.

Jewelry Instructors I can highly recommend the instructors below:

Hadar Jacobson - Art in Metal Clay  Hadar is a jewelry artist and instructor specializing in metal clay.  She teaches classes at her studio in Berkeley and workshops around the world.  She was my first instructor in metal clay and her focus on paying attention to detail continues to have a strong influence on my jewelry.
Steven James - Macaroni & Glitter  Steven teaches torch enameling all over the country, but he is located right here in the Bay Area.. 
Books about making jewelry   I found the following books particularly helpful in learning new techniques:
Weave Wrap Coil book cover  

I met Jodi at a bead show in the Bay Area before the book was published and just from her examples knew it was a book that I had to have.  Her instructions are clear and her diagrams are easy to follow.  I like that the materials she uses are easy to find.  She has one bracelet - The Autumn Leaf Bracelet - that uses an electroformed lampwork bead.  I am determined to make my own beads and then make this bracelet.

Other sites worth visiting:  

Lampwork Etc  Discussion forums and classifieds for lampworkers.  A lot of free tutorials.

The Ganoskin Project  The gem and jewelry world's formost resource on the internet. Ganoksin maintains a substantial library of articles, publications, reports, and technical data on gem and jewelry related topics; many of which were authored by some of the most esteemed writers within their respective fields. In addition, this site contains a sizable collection of art and jewelry galleries, for both the casual visitor and the professional. Ganoksin also provide members blogs and forums for the exchange of information and opinion; with contributors from all over the world speaking from a wide range of technical and aesthetic experiences, covering a full range of topics of interest to the jeweler and the gemologist.