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Decoupaged Wooden Spoons and Salad Servers


These decoupaged wooden spoons are so much fun!  I use high quality Japanese fabric, and then multiple layers of sealer. Though the the sealer I use is supposed to be dishwater safe, I would still hand wash. It takes 30 days for the sealer to cure, so unfortunately I can not offer to make custom sets.

The spoons come in 3 sizes – 10″, 12″ and 14″.  I have 11 sets, and several handfuls of single spoons. If you don’t buy one of the specific sets, I will pick a cute spoon to send you.  Rest assured they are all made with the highest of quality Japanese fabric.

**Listing is for wooden spoons only . No food is included.**


One 10" spoon, One 12" spoon, One 14" spoon, Two various spoons, Three various spoons, Set 1 – 12", Set 2 – 12", Set 3 – 12", Set 4 – 14", Set 5 – 14", Set 6 – 12", Set 7 – 10", Set 8 – 10", Set 9 – 12", Set 10, Set 11


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